Having adequate muscle strength and control in your core, pelvis and legs helps to protect you from a variety of injuries, including runner’s knee (patellofemoral pain) and ITB syndrome. But how do you know whether you're strong enough? And how can you test your control?

Physiotherapists use a battery of various tests and movements to test this in their clinics. These tests are pretty easy to perform yourself if you know what you’re looking for and what is regarded as “normal”. Your Membership will give you access to the Strength & Control Tests section, which includes:

  • Detailed videos, pictures and guidelines on how to test the strength in all the main muscle groups that you use for running.

  • Detailed videos, pictures and guidelines on how to test the control of your core, pelvis and legs.

  • Recommendations on what type/level of exercises you could do to improve – using your test scores as a guide.


Running injuries can have multiple causes. Your Membership allows you to access the full library of Injury Prevention Exercises.

  • An extensive library of strength training exercises for all the main muscle groups used during running. The exercises come with detailed instructions (including videos) as well as clear guidelines on when might be the right time to progress to the next level.

  • New exercises are added on a monthly basis.

  • A section containing stretches that may be useful for runners.

  • A warm-up guide that explains exactly what a warm-up should include, how to structure it. It also contains a section with dynamic stretches and activation exercises.

  • Foam rolling is a useful tool that you can use as part of warm ups, recovery after exercise and injury treatment. This section provides clear guidelines on when and how to foam roll for best results as well as video demonstrations for all the key muscle groups that you use for running.

Planned features

The following sections will also be added soon: Running Gait Assessment and Drills and Recovery sections which will include:

  • An easy to follow guide on how to assess your own running style/form. It will include recommendations on what you can do to improve your running form from an injury prevention perspective as well as a library of exercises specifically aimed at improving your gait pattern.

  • Making sure that you recover properly after training is probably one of the best ways to avoid injury. In this section I will discuss a variety of recovery methods.

See what Injury Prevention Guides are currently available




In this section I discuss in detail the most common running injuries, how I treat them and what exercises I use. This section is only available on the Complete Membership package.

Please note, this section is not meant to replace your physiotherapist or doctor. You should consult a healthcare professional if you’re injured and before you follow any of the recommendations in the Injury Treatment Guides. The guides include:

  • How you can tell whether you have a specific injury.

  • Which other injuries can feel very similar.

  • I walk you through the treatment programme I use to treat each injury, including what exercises I use, when is the right time to progress the exercises to harder ones, when someone can start running again, as well as the programme that I use to get my patients back to running without aggravating their injuries.

  • I also explain what adjustments I get my patients to make to their running form / gait pattern to help them get back to running pain free. This information varies depending on the specific injury.

  • New injuries and treatment guidelines are added to this section on a monthly basis.

See what Injury Treatment Guides are currently available



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